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Booking Policy Posada La Llosa


Following our Cantabrian Government law(50/1989)(B.O.C).La Llosa de Somo stablishes:
Bookings must be confirmed by a deposit either with a credit card or bank transfer.3 days will be the maximum days for the deposit and always 48 hours before your arrival to the house.
The customer will recieve a confirmation form through e-mail,fax or post from Posada La Llosa, once the deposit has been received.

In case you cancel your reservation and following art.36 law:

If you bring forward the departure date,you will have to pay the days of your stay and the deposit you made will not be given back to you.

If you cancel,30 days or more from the arrival date,we will have the right to withhold 5% of your deposit.If this happens 30 days before and more than 7 days,we will keep 50% of your deposit and if it is cancelled within 7 days,100% of your deposit will be kept.

Arrival time is between 14.00 and 20.00.

It there is not a previous warning of a later arrival time,a cancellation of your booking can be made.

Departure time is 12.00.

Our prices have been aproved by the Tourism Cantabrian Government Office.

We remind you, we cannot accept pets as they may cause any inconveniences to other customers such as asthma,allergies,etc.

If there is any future change in the number of people per room,this should be informed to the Posada La Llosa before the arrival date.

You can contact us through mail:info@posadalallosa.com or phone:942 51 06 02