Posada La Llosa | Casa Rural en Somo, Cantabria.
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Your ideal place to relax and unwind



Your ideal place to relax and unwind



Your ideal place to relax and unwind



Your ideal place to relax and unwind


La Llosa presents a new concept in accommodation,where every minor detail acquires the maximum importance.This large house,recently restored,recovers an old tradition. There was always an inn and small restaurant right at the top of Somo village. Nowadays, sleeping here is like doing it in the old days.


Originally, the house was a place to stayon the way and the village store. It preserves the house stone walls, the original wooden beams and stone floors achieving the simplicity and peace of days gone by.

A place to meet,chat or relax…

Playing a cards game or organizing

your job for the next day.

A lovely garden looking to the south in the morning. It is said breakfast here tastes better.Homemade jams,cakes and fresh bread. Our patio invites to chat,read in the afternoon or just spend your time gazing at the flowers and plants.

Homemade food cooked with our Cantabrian fresh products…Eating today in an old days place.

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We have 8 en-suite bedrooms each with a different atmosphere, where you will find a lot of perfectly restored antique furniture; trunks, dressing tables, wardrobes, which convey a taste for detail and provide a different personality to each stay.

The bathrooms are given the same care. Each one is different from the other and is presented with original and modelated ceramic tiles, decorated with a small flower centrepiece and embroided towels.


There are two apartments in La Llosa. Where there used to be the place to work in the old days,there is an apartment for four people with two rooms:one of them with a double bed and the other is a twin.Bathroom,sitting-room and kitchen.

We also have a cozy studio for two people (spare bed in the sitting-room) with kitchen,sitting-room,bedroom and fully equiped bathroom.


Around La Llosa allow you to enjoy an exceptional natural environment.

In the surrounding area of La Llosa,you can enjoy the exceptional natural countryside. Somo is the perfect spot to go around Cantabria, Santander,Cabarceno Natural Park,Santillana del Mar,San Vicente de la Barquera or the Picos de Europa.

Find your sunset,look for your strolls,identify the salty taste of the sea,the forests peacefulness and the sweet currents of the rivers. Cantabria is the greens and blues land,the mountains and valleys,enjoy new experiences,there are thousands of places to discover…Cantabria is art, culture, history and prehistory. Cantabria is its people,its villages…

The capital of Cantabria; it combines an exceptionalurban setting with Cantabria essence: beaches, landscape, culture and gastronomy. The city is around a beautiful bay; walking from Los Jardines de Pereda to El Sardinero is absolutely unforgettable.

All together home … vast sandy beaches and coves collected between beautiful cliffs … Green Meadows looks out to the rugged coast and the sea always constantly agitated waves.

Everyday you can discover a different Cantabria,some right next to the sea, the other up in the mountain… What about a day in San Vicente de la Barquera, Comillas and Santillana del Mar?

If there is a unique cave because of its shapes and beauty, that is EL SOPLAO, only 2 km out of 17 can be visited at the moment but enough to be absolutely fascinated. You can also find Altamira, El Pendo and Puente Viesgo caves.


More information in: www.elsoplao.com

In Cantabria you can find more cavities of this type, Neocueva of Altamira, El Pendo …

There´s always a different offer in Cantabria´s culture. You can visit the New Sea Museum and know our customs in Muriedas ethnographic one.

Cabárceno is a different zoo, is characterized by large spaces that feature animals, allowing their development and contemplation in a more natural environment.

The spectacular geological landscape of Karst of Cabárceno, located in the western part of the massif of Peña Cabarga has become in recent years one of the most attractive tourist places of Cantabria.

Going all through Cantabria is living nature itself.The green is always there, with its forests, its rivers, mountains and deep valleys, where an amazing fauna lives. Up in the mountains you may find bears, cows or wild horses on the roads to the pass.

Between the fields, long quiet walks can be enjoyed. The murmur of the water and the trees protecting you… don´t you fancy an afternoon in such a place?

Cantabria is always mountains. From the impressivePicos de Europa to the mountains which reach thesea, only a few minutes from our Posada. Those small villages next to Miera gorge, are right next to us. You can also spend a day in Picos de Europa and visit Liebana, Potes, Santo Toribio, Fuente Dé,etc.


Cantabria offers you a lot of activities toenjoy yourself around our posada or on the best spots of the area.



You can go canoeing through Ria de Cubas, hiking, trekking, walks, surf, kayaks, rafting, mountain biking, bungee-jumping, diving lessons, skiing, snowboarding, golf, sailing…

More information active tourism companies, click here

On Santander-Bilbao (a-8) motorway, take exit 12 (Heras-Pedreña),going to Pedreña,we have to go all through this village and we will see Santander Bay on the left; cross the bridge and we will reach Somo. We do not take the road on the left saying ”PLAYAS”.

But follow the main road about 300 metres more; we have to go up the hill and on the right when you go through a sign 50,we will see the name of Posada La Llosa on the right. Only a few metres away, you will find the parking site.



List of rates

H.S: High season: 15th july to 31st august. Easter.

M.S: Medium season: 15th june to 14th july. September, bank holidays.

L.S: Low season: Rest of the year.


Special stays and deals

SPECIAL DAYS (Minimum 2 nights)

· Lodging and breakfast for two people.

· Special dinner in our restaurant.

Special terms: Only available in low season, subject to availability.

Price: 72,00 euros room/day in a double room.

Price: 90,00 euros room/day in suite room.

10% vat not included

RELAXING HOLIDAYS (Minimum 2 nights)

· Lodging and breakfast for two people.

· Special dinner in our restaurant.

· And… in your own room, a relaxing massage for each of you(20 minutes)or, 40 minutes for the one who needed more. We will lend you a bathrobe, and provide you with bath salts and perfumed candles.

Special terms: Only available in low season, subject to availability.

Price: 95,00 euros room/day in a double room

Price: 115,00 euros room/day in a suite room

Price: 130,00 euros room/day in an apartment for two people.

10% vat not included

ROMANTIC COUPLES (Minimum 2 nights)

· A bottle of refreshing champagne for when you arrive, in your own fridge, chocolates and some floral detail.

· Breakfast served in your room, with your newspaper.

Special terms: Only available in low season, subject to availability.

Price: 115,00 euros room/day in a double room

Price: 130,00 euros room/day in a suite room

Price: 150,00 euros room/day in an apartment for two people.

10% vat not included



If you are interested request a reservation you can do from our form:

Name (required)

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Number of adults (maximum 2)

Babies (0 to 2 years / maximum 1)


You can also call us at 942 510 602, we will be happy to give you all the information you need.

Thank you very much, hope to see you soon Rafa and Mary.